Darts – from pub sport to the international stage


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Most people associate this sport with old smoky corner bars. But the sport has long since moved away from this image. We are talking about darts. What makes the sport so popular, we tell you here.

Some sports channels already broadcast the biggest events in darts. But far too often many people can’t do anything with it due to a lack of understanding of the rules. We want to change that. Because darts is sometimes a very strategic sport that can be played by anyone.

The Dartboard

Most people know what a dartboard looks like. But when it comes to the numbers depicted on it, clouds of smoke often rise. Properly explained, it’s not that hard to understand.

The numbers one to 20 are listed on the outside. To make it a bit more difficult, there is always a single-digit number next to a two-digit number. In the center of the disc are the green and red bull eyes. The green bull eye has a value of 25, while the red bull eye earns 50 points. In addition, there is a small thin ring located on the outside of the disc. If a player hits this, the score is automatically doubled. The same ring is located inside the disc and gives the player three times the score.

Rules of the Game

Each player must keep the minimum distance of 2.37m. It is forbidden to step over the marker. There are also certain requirements for the arrows. They may only be 30.5 cm long and weigh 50 grams. With soft darts, the electronic variant, the weight is even lower.

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Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


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The player may throw his darts at the target three times in a row. In a game of darts, the points are counted down. The starting point is either 301 or 501. The darts must stick in the target for them to count. The player who reaches the final score of 0 first wins the game. If a player throws out above 0, that player must start again at the starting number. If no one reaches 0 after 20 throws, the player with the lower score wins.


Over the years, the pub sport has developed into an internationally recognized sport. In addition to its own international darts association, international competitions such as world and European championships are held regularly. The most successful players come from Scotland and England. In their respective countries, they are considered absolute superstars in their sport.

Many would not guess that darts is a very strategic game. Players have to calculate exactly what score they will get to end up with 0. If you haven’t yet enjoyed darts yourself, you should plan to do so the next time you visit a bar.


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