Alex Honnold: This is next level free climbing


Can you imagine climbing somewhere out in the wild, without a partner, and even without any gear? Well, we sure can’t. But still, this is pro climber Alex Honnold’s greatest passion. Now he even wrote a book about it.

Alex Honnold does what seems impossible for any other normal human being: He climbs the steepest and most dangerous walls – all alone. You could really say he pushes the limits of soloing further that they have ever been.


But that’s still not all: In addition to climbing alone, he also doesn’t use any gear to secure himself in the wall. This means: If he falls, he most probably dies.


But that doesn’t seem to bother Honnold too much. Now, he wrote down some of his biggest adventures in a book, giving all us normal people the chance to learn how he feels during his mind-blowing adventures.


In addition to the seven stories in the book, each about one astonishing climbs, the book is packed with retrospectives and deep insights that tell a lot about this adventure-seeking solo free climber.


In the Book, the award-winning author David Roberts also quotes other climbers that talk about the stunning accomplishments of Honnold – and you clearly can see how amazed they are by his spirit.

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Source of title image: YouTube / Squarespace


Alex Honnold definitely loves the sport he does – even if it is extremely dangerous. We can’t wait to get his book between our fingers!