Over hill and dale – That’s Trailrunning


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Almost no other type of running is characterized by more variety than Trailrunning. Whether through woods or meadows – nature is in the focus here. But not only attentiveness and endurance are important, also the right equipment! We explain how trail running works and what you need for it!

What is Trailrunning?

Trail running is definitely a completely different way of running. While some jog relaxed on asphalt through the city, others run in forests and through rivers. Basically, run on trails without a paved or marked ground. It doesn’t matter whether you run along meadow or gravel paths or fight your way through difficult mountain terrain. The main thing is to be in nature and enjoy running outdoor.

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It’s going up up high the path.  (Source: YouTube /Run the Wild)

Why Trailrunning is so exciting

With Trailrunning you not only improve your endurance, but so much more. On the one hand it is a perfect training for your head, because it goes up and down, left and right and through different terrain. Your brain has to adapt in a completely new way and pay attention to things like rocks and roots, which improves your coordination and concentration skills!

On the other hand of course, the physical fitness. Thanks to running up and downhill, your legs are trained in different ways. Trail running also improves your balance and mobility! The constant adaptation to the ground challenges your musculoskeletal system in many ways.


Trail running certainly doesn’t make running boring. You discover and experience different views, areas and maybe even animals! Nature is perfect for switching off your head and relaxing – because there are no traffic lights or honking cars to disturb you.

The right equipment

To make running through the varied terrain as easy as possible, you should have the right equipment. In addition to suitable, breathable sportswear, the right shoes are especially important. Normal running shoes are not sufficient for the demands and strains of trail running. Special trail running shoes offer a much more stable hold in the area of the midfoot and soles with a deeper lug profile. In addition, most trail running shoes conceal the cords, which is important in order to avoid getting caught when running through nature.


What many do not think of: the right socks. Because also here one should pay attention not to wear cotton socks. They quickly absorb moisture and rub against the skin, which in turn quickly leads to blisters. Since the path can also run through rivers or streams, it is better to wear wool blends or Lycra fiber socks – they don’t absorb so much water.

Trailrunning for beginners. Source: YouTube / REI


Probably no other type of running is as varied as trail running! It’s not only nature that stands out with its versatility, your body is also trained in a variety of ways!

Source: YouTube /Run the Wild