Landline – A Vans Snowboarding Film


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Vans proudly presents its first own snowboard movie “Landline”, which is now available on iTunes. It took more than two years to produce the masterpiece in feature film length. We show you the RAW Files of Mike Ravelson as a little sneak preview. 

Tanner Pendleton: Snowboarder and Filmmaker

LANDLINE is the very first snowboard movie in feature length from Vans. This was mainly shot on Kodak 16 mm film. The film looks completely natural, no embellishments or misrepresentations. You really have the feeling of being part of it. Tenner Pendelton, long-time snowboarder and creator of LANDLINE said in an interview with Field Magazine that they tried to create something that every snowboarder who sees this film is proud to call themselves a snowboarder.

“Since I can remember snowboarding films have been an inspiration for me. I want this film to speak to the kids out there the same way that those movies spoke to me when I was young. All of the riders in the film have that same vision.” – Tanner Pendleton
Mike Ravelson

Source: YouTube / Vans

Pure Snowboard Experience

Some of the most famous snowboarders show their creativity and talent in the movie “Landline”. The film features Jake Kuyzk, Sam Taxwood, Cole Navin, Arthur Longo, Pat Moore, Darrel Mathes, Blake Paul, Hana Beaman, Brian Iguchi, Benny Urban and many more. Their snowboard tricks are exciting and captured perfectly – you can see that they just do what they want to do and nothing is staged.

Let yourself be impressed by the snowboard team of Landline and their travels through countries like Russia and Canada. See thrilling stunts in full-part videos of famous snowboarders like 29-year-old American Michael Ravelson. Take a look at the film and at Mike Ravelson in these RAW files:

Source: YouTube / Vans


If you are interested in pure snowboard action you can download “LANDLINE” from Vans at iTunes!

Source title image: Unsplash/ Joshua Reddekopp