How to Yoga


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Yoga is more popular than ever, but what exactly is yoga and what does the trendy form of movement do for us? We will explain the unusual sport to you in more detail.

The Yoga-Philosophy

The yoga teaching comes from India and means in the old Indian Sanskrit as much as “bundle” or “connect”. The goal of connecting the soul with the breath and the body with the mind is achieved through concentration methods, meditation- and relaxation techniques. Yoga enables you to become ONE with yourself. Yoga provides more vitality, joie de vivre and is undisputedly a valuable aid to physical performance. You will feel healthier and improve your physical and mental condition.


Source: unsplash/ @elleirva.

The Yoga-Exercises

From at least 37 exercises you can put together your own personal program. With different positions, which can be combined, the back and shoulder muscles can be strengthened, the cardiovascular system activated, the entire musculature stretched or the immune system strengthened.

The Yoga-Breathing

The correct breathing technique is particularly important for your yoga exercises. This stimulates mental agility and activity. Through slow and deep inhalation and exhalation through the nose, the body is specifically supplied with oxygen and the lungs cleaned. The brain also benefits from conscious breathing. The increased oxygen uptake promotes concentration, stimulates creativity, leads to more calmness and calms.

The Yoga-Variations

As with all sports, the first yoga sessions should definitely be tested in a course. Yoga exercises that are not performed correctly can damage the body. In the meantime you can try out many different forms of yoga. In addition to the traditional yoga types Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Hatha Yoga, there are also numerous modern yoga variants such as Bikram Yoga, Acro Yoga, and Yin Yoga. In order to find the right offer, we recommend that you simply attend a few taster classes. Many yoga studios offer free trial classes.

 Source: unsplash/ @elleirva & @nkuutz.

This contribution is based on an article from the Zentrum für Gesundheit Magazins.


Yoga helps you in many areas of life and you feel healthier and increase your physical and mental condition. So yogis, start your journey to yourself!