Nick Poland

Action Sports

Massachusetts – USA

This is me

My name is Nick, I am 28 years old and I grew up in Massachusetts in the United States. I have been flying for almost eight years, and I started in a small tunnel in California where I also learned to skydive.


My preferred discipline in bodyflight is Dynamic, and I am a fervent proponent of low-speed techniques. I love dogs, music, ceramics and vintage audio equipment. My dream is to one day retire into a Hobbit-style house with a dog and vegetable garden.


I believe that we all currently live in a simulated reality constructed by an advanced AI and my favorite band is Vulfpeck.

Next events I’m part of

– German National Indoor Skydiving Championship // March 2019

– Full Range Dynamic skills camp in Ontario, CA // May 2019

– Low Speed training camp at Flystation Munich // Summer 2019

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Why I‘m

Although I received a world-class education in elite institutions, I left college at the age of 20 to get a mediocre paid job in sports. I was the first of my family to escape the bubble of academia ;).


I spent more than a year on a road trip, lived in a converted school bus and showered in the local gym. This was the happiest and most fruitful time of my life and every now and then I long to return to this path.


For years, the flying community mocked my preference to wear a “cheap full-body swimsuit” as flight equipment. Today the popularity of these suits in my sport is unsurpassed.


I claim not to care about ANYTHING and believe this to be the only viable platform on which to pursue an art form.


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