“I train on dryland” – An interview with Kitesurf-Pro Jana Schader


An interview with Kitesurf-Pro Jana Schader about the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup 2016 on Fehmarn, her personal preparations at lake Garda and how she currently experiences the Budget Kitesurf Experience.

IBS TEAM: The Pringles Kitesurf World Cup on Fehmarn starts in about two months. Have you started your preparations yet?

Jana Schader: Yes, I actually have. Since I have ripped my drumhead in an accident three weeks ago, I can’t go on the water right now and therefore have to train on dryland.

IBS TEAM: And that means?

Jana: I stay fit with Crossover, endurance training and strength training. I train my coordination and the course of motions in the air on the trampoline. In addition I go longboarding.

IBS TEAM: Two weeks ago you trained at lake Garda. Other kitesurfers go to the sea for their preparations. What makes lake Garda so special?

Jana: As I am from southern Germany, the lake Garda is a perfect spot for me. Just like everyone from Hamburg goes tot he Eastern- or Northernsea to go kitesurfing, I drive down to lake Garda. For me, the mountains belong to kitesurfing and lake Garda offers an amazing scenery. And the Dolce Vita-feeling excites me. Clearing up your head and enjoying life. The most important thing is of course the wind regime. At lake Garda you can time your clock after that.

IBS TEAM: Are you planning on spending the whole time of your preparations there or are there also other stops on your list?

Jana: If everything goes well, I’ll also train at Lake Chiemsee, Kochelsee and Walchensee.

IBS TEAM: And your Tour takes place conventionally in a bully?

Jana: As I usually take four to five Kites with me and some spots can not be reached on public transportation, I often use rental cars. Budget has amazing offers. Also abroad.

IBS TEAM: And for the visitors of the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup…

Jana: Exactly. There’s even a special discount-code form them.

IBS TEAM: Let’s talk about the World Cup. The event has moved and takes place on Fehrman for the first time. What do you think about the spot?

Jana: I’m very curious, what the Kitsurf Worldcup is going to look like this year and I’m sure, that the hosts are going to make the event work just perfectly. As a spot for kitesurfing, Fehmarn definetly differs from St. Peter-Ording. The Northsea is usually windy with a lot of waves, which I personally prefer. They can be used as great kickers for jumping. The Eastern-sea  on the other hand, is much smoother, which makes tricks a lot easier. Especially the landing is much easier on a smooth surface.

IBS TEAM: Do you have a special goal? A placement you want to reach?

Jana: Due to my injury, my preparations havn’t been perfect. Therefore I don’t want to set a certain goal for myself. I just want to have fun and give my best.

IBS TEAM: Who’s the favorite in your opinion?

Jana: I wish Bruna (Kajiya) the victory. She has been struggling with injuries in the past and has always been able to get back to the top. Besides, she has an amazing and strong style. It impresses me. Besides her, Gisela (Pulido) and Karolina (Winkowska) are a part of this years favorites. For the guys, I would grant my teamcollegue Liam (Whaley) the win. The tricks he does at his young age are really extraordinary.

IBS TEAM: Let’s talk a little bit about you. Kitesurfing is, especially in southern Germany far away from the coast, not really a normal sport. How did you get to Kitesurfing?

Jana: My father had gotten me in contact with kitesurfing for the first time. That was in 2001 and back then, I prefered watching from a distance with due respect. The first time I tried it out myself was at the age of 15 on holiday in Tunisia; but as the kitesurfing-scene wasn’t very distinct in the south at that time, I didn’t quite follow it afterwards. When I „fell in love“ I was 21. I visited friends, who did a training as Kitesurf teachers. The fascination hasn’t let me go eversince.

IBS TEAM: Do you have a rolemodel?

Jana: I would say that’s Bruna. I mentioned her strong and unique style already. Besides that, she is a great person.

IBS TEAM: What does kitesurfing mean to you?

Jana: Kitesurfing means freedom and weightlessness to me. If I haven’t been on the water for a while, which happens quite a lot due to my academic studies, I realize, that kitesurfing is something really speacial for me. The blowing of the wind and the gliding on the water. It’s just an amazing feeling, that only exists in kitesurfing.

IBS TEAM: We couldn’t have expressed the fascination of kitesurfing any better. We wish you good luck and on your further preparations and we’ll see you at the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup at the latest.

Jana: Exactly. Either on the water or at the Budget Beach Meet & Greet with Mario and Linus.

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    Jana give everything in terms of preparations, despite injury to the ear full throttle! We are anxious to see how her season will be and keep our fingers crossed that there will not be more injuries from now on.