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Breathtaking oceanstories, the chase for the perfect wave and exciting travel stories. The Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night on Demand will take you on a unique surf trip straight from your couch.

The Cine Mar Spring Tour 2020 started gloriously with a sold out premiere in the Savoy Filmtheater in Hamburg. After that the European tour of the surf series quickly came to a halt. The Corona pandemic is currently holding the world’s cinemas closed. Hence why the organizer HHonolulu Events took to a different approach and started the video on demand airing of the Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night. If we can’t go surfing, then we’ll just bring surfing to us.


The first European surf documentary brings you short stories from the surfing universe. In the first episode, which is now streamable on Vimeo, two stories are illustrated – “Slow Motion Island” & “The Old, The Young & The Sea”.


Slow Motion Island

Two friends give up their jobs to go on the biggest adventure of their lives. The Salt & Silver Boys collect stories & recipes on the most beautiful beaches in the world and ride the best waves to record their experiences in documentary films and adventure cook-surf books. For 3 months, the boys take part in the surf scene of Havana and travel along the coasts of Mexico and Cuba.

The Old, The Young & The Sea

Along the Atlantic coast of Spain, Portugal and France, the film takes a vivid snapshot of the coastal lifestyle, the legacy of the hippies of the 1960s and the lives of modern surf-pop coastal dwellers who have an intimate relationship with mother nature.


Cultural diversity, unexpectedly beautiful encounters and the journey and search for one’s own spirit.



On Vimeo you can rent the Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night on Demand for 6,00 Euros for 24 hours and experience these wild surf stories.


While streaming you’ll also be doing some good, because with every view of the video, the organizers donate 50 cents to their partner cinemas, supporting them in this critical time.

Cine Mar Programm

Image Source: HHonolulu Events

Image source: HHonolulu Events