Parkour is conquering the fitness studios


Parkour, a sport developed by the French David Belle during the 1980s, is starting to become more and more popular in all the fitness studios around the globe. Consequently, this sport is attracting a growing number of fans and sports enthusiasts. With this article, InspiredBySports wants to introduce you to this new trend within the fitness industry.

In the 1980s, David Belle was a pioneer, when he started to do cross country running through forests with his dad. In the course of time, he developed this kind of sports further and transferred the concept to the city. Hazardous jumps, balancing on stairs, walls or handrails and so on – this sport does not only require physical strength, but also – and more important – incredible body control.


So it is no surprise that exactly these aspects attracted also the fitness studio industry. Starting in Great Britain, this acrobatic training was transferred from the cities into the indoor fitness studios. In 2014, the first fitness studio for parkour and free running was opened in Eastern London. Also in Germany, this sport attracts more and more people. Especially the youngsters are very interested in practicing such thrilling stunts in a safe indoor environment like fitness studios.


In Mai 2016, also in Germany the first indoor studio for parkour was opened. In Hamburg, North Germany, you now have the opportunity to try out this new trend within the fitness sector. If you live close there, you should definitely try out this fascinating sport. If you want to get some impression, how this could actually look like if you are real pro – just watch this video! Enjoy!


Image Source: World Freerunning Parkour Federation

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    WOW! Such incredible pictures! We really hope that this new trend will find lots of enthusiasts in Germany as well! We definitely will try it out!