Kitesurfing in Parajuru

Parajuru Jo

The location:

Departing from Fortaleza, you reach Parajuru after a 2 hours drive. The city center is quite small and the 8.000 locals that live there are widely spread. Tourists will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and will be welcomed with open arms.



The spot:

On-site, Valbert is managing the Kiteboarding Club Kite School, that he founded in 2012. The local is happy to provide you with tips regarding the spot and further information for a possible onward journey through Brazil. Right next to the main kite-spot you will find a charming beach bar where you can enjoy the sunset with a homemade Caipirinha. The team is always ready to help and extremely friendly, it just feels like home. However, one highly depends

on the tides – sometimes you have perfect shallow water for freestyling and then again you will face great waves – best conditions for wave kiting. During the day, the wind rotates usually from sideshore to side-onshore.

Jo Horinek-Profilbild

Jo Horinek


For me and Simon Hiemer a perfect spot – we faced great conditions to practise on our  freestyling skills!


We recommend to book the transfer from the airport too your accomodation in advance. For this it is best to contact Valber or Daniela, the manager of Refugios Parajuru, directly.


“Pousadas” is a great accommodation whether you travel on your own or in a bigger group. You can rent holiday houses with a few bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens and some are even quipped with their own swimming pool. However, these are highly recommended for bigger groups.  Besides, the half-board accommodation “Casa Grande” is also a good choice!


If you want to relax, rent a buggy and explore the surrounding villages! However, you can expect constant wind every day – so kitesurfing is probably the best option!

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