a Fitness Tracker inside your Shirt


When clothing becomes more and more intelligent: T-shirts that analyze our runnability and socks that help us improve our performance might become daily  commodities very soon. 

Quickly running a lap and tracking the route, monitoring a couple of vital signs – thats something that usually also works via smartphone, smart watch or fitness-tracker, but it’s just not as convenient as a system thats integrated in your clothes.

Who doesn’t feel like taking the smartphone or the smart watch out running or simply finds carrying the gadget inconvenient, but would still like to track their training, will quickly fall in love with these new wearables.


Most recently intelligent clothing has hit the stores


On the one hand there are „intelligent shirts“ (for example the luxury version by Polo Ralph Lauren). They monitor the standard vital signs like your heartbeat, breathing and calorie consumption and send the information to a mobile device. Biosensitive Silverfibers collect the data and a small black box forwards them via bluetooth.

On the other hand theres the „smart socks“ field (f.e. Sensoria Fitness-Socks), in which in which sensors, integrated in the fabric monitor the amount of your steps, velocity, calorie consumption, distance and the difference in altitude. An add-on are the step-frequency and detection of your running-style.
These functions offer ambitious athletes expedient help, because they can improve their performance with minor technical changes.



Biometrical Data included 

The measuring of biometrical data as a special gadget on almost all smart clothes, adds an essential uprating: an intelligent warning system in dangerous situations.
Vital signs like heart rate or continuous breathing are parameters, that are important information especially in medical emergencies. The recording of this data, an early warning system for the athlete as well as the sending of a call in case of an emergency, can save lives.



And the care?


The washability, adequate power supply, the material and data security solidify as the current problems, whereupon the future will show, how the industry is going to handle these problems.


Picture Source: Pixabay

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Identifying a malposition while running or detecting better practice data – smart sports clothing is going to revolutionize the workout.

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