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I’m Youri Zoon, a professional kiteboarder, 2 times world champion, dutch champion and european junior champion. I grew up by the sea in the Southwest of the Netherlands and have been an extreme sports addict from a young age. BMX, Windsurfing, Motocross, you name it.


I have always pushed myself to my limits and even today it still motivates me to overcome obstacles. I joined the VKWC (formerly known as PKRA) at a real young age. This sport is my life and the thought of quitting, seems impossible to me.


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Youri Zoon
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Why I‘m


 I had 3 surgeries on my knee in 2007 and 2008. After my comeback I started chasing the world title again. Reaching 2nd-place in 2009 and 3rd in 2010, I finally reached my goal in 2011 and 2012: The world title.


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