Sabine Ruch

Fitness & Yoga

Munich – Germany

This is me

My demand to myself as a yoga coach is that whoever takes a lesson with me should have a sparkle in his eyes after the lesson, going home with a loose feeling, being comfortably within his body. I found my love for yoga on a vacation to Sri Lanka in 2006.


Since then there are two major passions I love: yoga and traveling. Whether it is Bali, Italy, Greece or my hometown Munich, Germany, I try to take every opportunity to get inspired by other teachers and different styles of yoga. Kind of a welcoming contrast to my daily life as an international consultant in a huge corporation.

Sabine Ruch
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Why I‘m

Practicing individually instead of in a large group of people.

You can only get the best out of every single yoga session through intensive treatment.

Yoga can be done everywhere: at home, at the office or in my yoga room with me as a teacher. I have 10 years of experience in yoga and I am acertified yoga teacher. Huge fan of marma point massages,on my yoga mat dail and a meditation junkie.


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