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Nele is warm-hearted, open and empathic and yet also one of those fabulous bundles of energy that needs sports the same way she needs air. She grew up windsurfing on the northsea, fell in love with surfing in Costa Rica and has lived and worked in several countries. Today she combines her love for the water & Surfing with exercising, yoga & meditation on the water.

The former competitive athlete, graduate sports scientist, yoga teacher and pelvic floor coach was also for many years responsible for the Marketing and PR for Roxy/Quiksilver in Germany and Austria. She worked and travelled with the Roxy Girls Surf and Snow Team and implemented several boardsport events & camps.

Nele’s positive energy and years of coaching experience provide motivation inside and outside the workout studio.

As she says herself, she is “Coaching for Body & Mind.”

Nele Wiese
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Why I‘m

On of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that life is forever changing and we must never hesitate to live our deepest passions

My greatest passions are sports and music. I love the ocean, travelling and people

My mission is to inspire you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. I want to share what I love and I’d like to introduce you to Lale, my holistic approach to coaching that trains your body and mind through a specialized blend of bodyweight exercises, yoga, and meditation


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