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This is us

GULF achieved worldwide popularity through its commitment to racing. In 1967 GULF became the main sponsor of the John Wyer Automotive racing team.

Our goal is to build and continue our sunglasses collection in the spirit of the GULF and GULF Racing brands. We want to establish the brand in the market and enrich it with a prescription collection if possible. High quality is just as much a part of our claim as the satisfaction of our customers.

Three things we want to share:

  • Our core target group are racing fans of the GULF brand and friends of high-quality sunglasses.


  • We currently offer 4 different models in 3 colours each – 12 models in total


  • Brand ambassadors are the drivers of the current GULF racing team in the GTE-AM class: Mike Wainwright, Alex Davison and Ben Barker.
Gulf Eyewear
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Why we are

GULF glasses are made of different metals and plastic materials. These are selected according to their task and meet the highest quality requirements. For details please refer to the product description of the respective glasses in our shop.

We would like to have GULF Eyewear firmly established in the market within 2 years at the latest – both with opticians and with dealers from the motor sports and automotive sector.