Denmark – Water Sports in Hvide Sande


Water sports enthusiasts are going to love the harbour of Hvide Sande. Located on the west coast near the Ringkøbing Fjord in the Midtydlland, Hvide Sand is an absolute paradise for surfers. With a length of 30 kilometres and a width of 12 kilometres the Ringkobing Fjord is the biggest coastal lake in Denmark.

Due to an average depth of only 1,5 metres, the Ringkøbing Fjord is the perfect place for any water sports like kiting, windsurfing or stand-up paddling.

Since almost every village around the Fjord offers some kind of water sports entertainment, it is possible to ride the waves at any wind direction.


Inga Johanna Kaack


Not recommended for chilblains!


The small port town with only 3.000 inhabitants is situated secluded in the north western part of Denmark. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get to Hvide Sande without a car or bus. A car is also needed when you want to visit the different places around the Fjord for water sports purposes.


In and around Hvide Sande you will find many places to stay. Highly recommended is the camping site Nørre Lyngvig as it is located between the Fjord and the North Sea. If you are looking for something more comfortable, it is best to rent one of the typical danish holiday cottages.


Even during windless days water sports enthusiasts don’t need to worry – the Ringkøbing Fjord offers two water skiing facilities.

However, anyone who needs a day to relax, visit the fish auction and enjoy a freshly caught North Sea delicacy.

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