SUP vs. Surfing


The decision to decide your favourite sport maybe one of the most difficult ones in your live. It is best , of course , to opt for SUP and surfing . Here are some arguments for these great sports.


The various forms of SUP / surfing can be best described in a few one facing points.
SUP is available in different versions :


  1. Classic workout for everyone , for example, on a lake ( for family , children, seniors ) or as Race SUP with competitive character
  2. River SUP (defeat a running water with a SUP)
  3. SUP in the waves on the sea (certainly the most challenging and exciting variation in my point of view)

In particular, the so-called . ” Inflatables ” ( inflatable SUP ‘s ) make it possible for athletes with smaller cars to transport their SUP. It can be stowed in a backpack and there are pluggable ( 3-piece reducible ) paddles . Thus really everybody is able to do this sport.
The various forms of surfing :

  1. Classic surfing on the wave in the sea
  2. River Surfing ( Surfing in a stream, for example, at the Eisbach in Munich, Germany)
  3. Wakesurfing ( surfing behind a boat on the stern wave )

The unique thing about the SUP is to enjoy nature and to experience the great versatility of the sport. In particular for our experts: On one of the beautiful Bavarian lakes. True to the motto : Get out of your daily business and relax.
Surfing is always exciting, because the hope to catch the next best wave actually is constant in the head. To surf on a wave is probably one of the most impressive and indescribable feelings – it is and will always remain the pinnacle of surfing.

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Both sports have their varied exercise possibilities and of course their right to exist. Everyone must individually find out what ( through the residential site in particular ) is at all possible for him- or herself, but also financially feasible and prepares the most fun him- or herself.


I can not say which sport I prefer in particular. Because of my living situation, I practice more definitely from the SUP variant on the Isar or the Tegernsee in Bavaria. Nevertheless, I hope this year to get even more on the Eisbach, which was not possible due to injury last year. Should I have to make a choice , I would go for surfing.


Surfing is just something unpredictable. There will be no day as the other, no wave is the same … nature decides the conditions and that is what makes my personal appeal.


You will experience lots of nature in both cases, a little more workout character at SUP , since you can specify intensities and rate you. If you go for surfing you will definately train your upper body.

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