The best videos of the week – our TOP 3


Another successful week tends to the end and so we have three amazig videos for you – our favourite videos of the week!

Video 1:

Bogner has excavated a video from the year 1973 in which Willy Bogner impresses us with incredible ski tricks. All recordings were filmed entirely without a GoPro or drone! Really impressive!


Video 2:

Crossing a deep canyon on a slackline is absolutely nerve wracking and even a spectacle for spectators! But Red Bull has made an even more extreme sport – the slackline is now being surfed! The guys from Flying Frenchies have grabbed a surfboard and are now surfing hundreds of meters on a slackline across the abyss. A speed of 75km/h is achieved!


Video 3:

In addition to snow and altitude, our third video is now based on the element water. Here you can see the Jetski Freestyle World Champion Ant Burgess on a new level! With somersaults and freehand turns he impresses the spectators.


Image Source: Facebook / Bogner

Your Expert 

BOGNER Ski Video (1973)

Surfing on a Highlife Basejump

Jetski Freestyle Tricks


Have a great and sporty weekend and be InspiredBySports by our selections of the best videos of the week!