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Extreme Freeriding – The Backyards Project


Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports. But far from marked slopes in untouched snow it exerts a special fascination. The exceptional athlete Sam Favret is a master of the so-called freeriding. In the 47 minutes long extreme-sport documentary EXTREME FREERIDING – THE BACKYARDS PROJECT he takes us into his world.


Sam Favret is one of the best extreme athletes. Whether on skis, on a surfboard or skateboard, the winter sports legend always strives for perfection. He has a very special bond to the mountains in general and the French Alps in particular: his family has settled here generations ago and worked as mountain guides. Together with his friends, he wants to follow the example of his ancestors: Conquering almost impassable terrain with skis thereby constantly defining new freestyle tricks.


In the visually stunning winter sport highlight EXTREME FREERIDING – THE BACKYARD PROJECT, he takes us on breathtaking free-rides in his homeland. Whether on ice sheets, through caves or over ravines – Sam Favret becomes one with the fascinating nature and masters every potential obstacle with spectacular stunts. He tells of his fascination for the mountains and the seemingly endless snowy landscape of the French Alps as well as the inspiration he receives from them.

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The extreme sports documentary was filmed in 2016 and will finally be available from January, the 2nd , 2018 as BLU-RAY (15,99 €) and DVD (14,49 €).


Look at these fascinating landscape shots of the French Alps and breathtaking tricks – the extreme sports documentary shows freeriding at its highest level!

Image Source: Youtube / PVS company