Steffi Platt

Fitness & Yoga

Berlin – Germany

This is me

Hi, my name is Steffi and my biggest passion is running. It all started early in my life and when I was 14, I really began focusing on medium-haul. Competitive sports were a big part of my life from that moment on and it is still till today in my daily life. I am currently a Pacer for the Nike Run Club (NRC) in Berlin. I can go on living the dream running every day and leading my group to success. My time after competitive sports is filled various sports, such as fitness. I also love hanging out with friends and learning new things nutrition-wise. It is such an important topic to me, because it helps me to support my creativity and my cooking skills developing new recipes.


Always remember: Challenges can be overcome more successfully when you are strengthened!

Steffi Platt
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