Cyprus Ultra Marathon: are 42 kilometers not enough for you?


Cyprus Ultra Marathon

A normal marathon is to limp for you? May 2017 the hardest run with over 200 kilometers is waiting for hardcore-runners. And there is also something for everyone else.


After the victory of the athens in the battle of marathon, one of the runners raced the 40 km long way to athens. When he arrived, he delivered the message „we won“, collapsed and died. So far the history of the marathon.

In comparison to the hardest run in the world, a marathon is a walk in the park. We are talking about the Cyprus Ultra Marathon with 2017 km. Who is thinking about registering, should know, that at about 35-40 degrees in the shade (and there is no shade) 7000 meters of altitude need to be overcome.

Still in? The details are further down.

And yes, people have made it already – without ending like the runner in Athens. 2016 the british guy Steva Hayes reached the finish line after unbelievable 34 hours and 38 minutes. By the way, it has to be finished within 46 hours.

Hint: For everyone, who prefers short distances. There are also runs with 10, 21, 50 and 100 kilometers.



Picture Source : screenshot Cyprus Ultra Video via Youtube


Vasa Kellakiou, Cyprus


20th May 2017 – 10am

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    More facts about the event:


    • 5 trail-runs from 10 – 217 kilometers in length
    • only 30 mins. away from the amazing beaches of Limassol
    • international marathon from the experienced team
    • family atmosphere with the „Cyprus Ultra family“

    The first Cyprus Ultra Marathon took place in 2012 with only 12 runners and has grown to an international event. 2017 the organizer expects to fill all 200 spots. Over 1000 visitors are being expected.