Are you Inspired By Kitesurfing?


Amazing never ending beaches and sundowner surf sessions at the most beautiful places on earth – we all knew you would imagine that if we said the word surfing. Well, kitesurfing is even more cool. 

Perfect windy conditions, an amazing scenery and the possibility to literally fly – that´s why kitesurfing is one of the coolest waterspouts on earth. Don´t get us wrong here, we love surfing waves and windsurfing but kitesurfing has its advantages compared to some other great watersports. The feeling of gliding through the water, using waves as a kicker and losing the ground beneath your feet is simply amazing. Strong winds and a rough sea can ground you pretty quick and make you respect the power of the elements again. Sooner or later, the beauty of the ocean and the coast will possess you and you´ll be hooked in no time.


Another really great part about kitesurfing is the huge range of products and possibilities to set up your individual kite equipment. Putting together all the pieces to create your perfect set-up for the next trip to the Baltic Sea or South Africa is a huge joy. Some changes are neccessary while being in the water, but as soon as you find the perfect touch, the hours go by so fast that only the physical exhaustion will take you back to the beach.


There is one thing that unites all watersports communities: the lifestyle. The pretty easy going, but still enthusiastic and inspiring way of life and way to spread the word about their sport is unique in the world of sports.


Kitesurfing is literally one of the coolest watersports there is! Just check out the video below and you will see why…


Picture source: Youtube / Cabrinha Kitesurfing

IBS Publisher

Check out the different kite spots all over the world – there are almost endless opportunities for kitesurfing. There might be an amazing spot right near you.

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