Sun salutation for professional athletes: These star athletes do yoga


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Yoga is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are realising the many benefits that yoga brings to the body and mind. Professional athletes also rely on asanas to find physical and mental balance alongside competitive sports. As a professional athlete you are not only exposed to a high degree of physical strain. There is also a lot of pressure to perform.

Yoga stretches muscles, ligaments and tendons. This increases flexibility and protects against injuries. But the effect of yoga does not stop there. Conscious movements and breathing reduce stress, strengthen concentration and increase general mental strength. On the mat, professional athletes can be with themselves without all the hype about their person. Many successful star athletes have introduced yoga into their daily training routine.

NBA star LeBron James

He is considered to be one of the best basketball players in history: LeBron James. The over 2-metre tall star player has been practising yoga since 2009. Originally to solve problems in the lower back. But it has brought him much more than that. As he says himself, yoga is not only about the body, but also about the mind. So regular yoga helps him to stay focused during the season. Yoga is said to have greatly influenced his success and improved his performance. LeBron James has been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers since 2018. The positive effect of yoga is quite visible. The Californian team is one of the favourites to win the NBA 2021 at the British bookmaker BetVictor. With the merger between BetVictor and Bild, the new German sports betting provider BildBet will soon be launched in Germany. It can be assumed that the Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron James will also be the favourites there. Regular yoga can make an important contribution here with the star player.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks (Source: Flickr)

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo

When he is on the field, he delivers. Every time, the fans are in a furore and the opponents in awe: Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players of all time, as Brazilian football legend Pele himself claimed in an interview. Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal in the national team, is on the field at Juventus Turin in Italy and is winning one title after another. From the UEFA Champions League to the UEFA European Championship to the FIFA Ballon d’Or, his consistent performance is beyond question. The Portuguese is known for his strict diet and training regime. So it is not surprising that yoga is also an integral part of his everyday life. The exercises should help him to increase his flexibility and agility. This helps to prevent injuries and speeds up recovery phases. The star footballer also mentions higher concentration and better stress management as positive effects of yoga.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady

In American football the quarterback has a very special role to play. He is the playmaker, all eyes are on him. If the quarterback now bears the name Tom Brady, the pressure to perform increases immeasurably. Tom Brady now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL, but was previously known for his long-running run of success with the serial champions New England Patriots. With a total of six Super Bowl victories, three NFL MVP awards and numerous successes, he is considered the best quarterback in history. Has yoga also shown its effects here? As you can read on Prince Athletic, Brady attaches great importance to mental training. Born in California, he has been practising yoga regularly for a long time. It has not only improved his flexibility, but also has a therapeutic effect on him. It also has a good effect on personal posture and mental strength. All important factors that the star player needs to deliver.


Yoga is more than just a sport, because it puts stress on body and soul and brings them into harmony. This makes yoga the perfect balance for the strenuous competitive sport of professional athletes. Whether basketball star, football legend, star quarterback or hobby yogi, yoga is for everyone.

Source cover image: unsplash / Ginny Rose Stewart