Why Yoga is good for you


IBS Publishing Team


“Yoga is not a sport, you don’t even sweat”, “you don’t lose weight”, “you don’t build muscles”, “you just stretch”. Despite the ever-growing trend towards self-optimization, yoga is fraught with many prejudices. We show you what yoga can really do and why it is more than just a sport.    

The ancient Indian teachings are often underestimated. But especially in a time like this, the practice of individual positions can work wonders. We show you how yoga strengthens your self-confidence, relieves stress, detoxifies and strengthens the muscles.

Yoga creates self-confidence

Yoga creates self-confidence and self-assurance and we can all use a little more of that! Due to the different positions, energy flows are created that can positively influence your mood. For example, with the fish or camel pose, here the heart is pushed forward, the stretching of the upper body gives you new energies. In addition, in class you are taught to listen to your needs and your body. This relaxes you and makes you look at yourself more positively.

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Yoga relieves stress

No more cold feet, sweat and heart palpitations, if you do yoga every day you can handle stressful situations and insecurities better and create peace in your everyday life. It often happens that you do not give your thoughts the time to come up. As soon as it gets quiet and you have nothing to do, you quickly reach for your cell phone. In this time you could calm down with a small yoga session and create new energy.

Yoga strengthens the muscles

What doesn’t look that hard at first glance is quite strenuous in the long run. Positions like the chair and Warrior III in particular strengthen your muscles. But sitting cross-legged with a straight back also strengthens the spine. By staying in one position longer during yoga, the small muscle strands are strengthened and your basic posture improves.

Yoga detoxifies

With different yoga positions (such as the rotating seat), you can stimulate your intestines and thus also detoxify. There is also Detox Yoga. In this form of yoga, you also pay attention to your diet and try to get rid of toxins and old burdens.

Source coverimage:  unsplash / Dane Wetton