What you really need to start your golf adventure!

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In this article, we have summarized all you need to start of your golf adventure. A helpful tip in advance: You probably already have the most important things at home! All you need for your first attempts is a pair of sports shoes and comfortable clothing. But beware: Many golf clubs have strict dress codes. You might want to check wether this is the case in your new club. Despite that, the club usually provides everything for you to “get a taste”.

It doesn’t always have to be the newest. Especially in the beginning you won’t need a brand-new equipment. You should rather make sure you really like the sport before buying a lot of equipment. A tip from us: Have a look at the notice board in your future golf club where used sets from other club members are often offered for sale. If you are unsure about the equipment, your golf instructor or the shop assistant will be happy to help you.

Source: unsplash / Igor Ovsyannykov

If you are convinced that golf is the right thing for you, make sure your golf club is individually adapted to your size and stature. Just ask your golf instructor or the shop of your golf club for a club fitting. It might cost you a bit more, but since the club will be matched exactly to you and your measurement results, you can be sure that it fits completely right for you.

The right equipment

1. Golf clubs
Each golfer may take a total of fourteen golf clubs on the round. A distinction is made between woods for teeing and wide shots, irons for playing on the fairways and putters for putting holes on the green. It’s up to you how many clubs you want to take on the round.


2. Balls
You will find out relatively quickly that balls are “magically” attracted by water hazards or high grass and disappear forever. Therefore, always pack several balls with you. You can get them new or used in the golf shop.


3. Shoes
As a beginner you only need sport shoes for practicing on the driving range. However, as soon as the course starts, you’ll need proper golf shoes in order to obtain a firm grip. Always keep an eye on comfort here, because you can easily cover about seven to ten kilometres on a round of golf.


4. Pocket
Lightweight bags are best suited for beginners. Golf bags with a built-in stand are ideal.


5. Tee
Tees are pens, mostly made of wood, which you put into the ground when teeing off and on the upper end on which the ball is placed. The ball is then slightly raised and can be hit more easily. It is best packing a numerous amount of these, as you can easily break one of these.


This article is partly based on an article of golf.de

Source: YouTube / HIO Fitting GmbH


Work before pleasure, that’s the motto! Get some advice, ideally from your golf instructor – he knows your shot and can give an opinion of your individual needs. So get up to the square and let’s go!

Source title image: unsplash / Igor Ovsyannykov