Unicycle field hockey – On a single wheel to victory


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The sport of field hockey really knows everyone. Two teams play against each other on a field and try to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. If that’s too boring for you, you can now try your hand on a unicycle. Because the so-called unicycle field hockey definitely deserves more enthusiasts.

Unicycle field hockey belongs to the ball sports. Playing field hockey on a unicycle doesn’t sound easy at first. There are many things to consider, such as balance, speed, and game awareness. These are many factors to consider. It is already played in many countries, but not yet known by many. The teams can be composed regardless of age and gender.

Basic rules and gameplay

In unicycle field hockey, two teams always play against each other. In each team there are four field players and a goalkeeper in addition, but he has no special rights. He can be replaced at any time. The game is played with ice hockey sticks and a tennis ball on ice hockey goals. With a unicycle up to 24 inches one plays in a field, which is surrounded by a border, however without body employment. The lower head of the stick must never be held above waist level or thrown.

A foul is committed when the stick goes under or into the opponent’s unicycle. Normal infractions will result in a free kick or corner kick. Particularly severe or unsportsmanlike infractions will result in 2- or 5-minute suspensions for the player in question. If the ball goes out of bounds, there will be a free kick from the sidelines.

A match has two halves, the duration of which depends on the tournament schedule. Normally, each half lasts 9 to 20 minutes. If the game is not decided after the regular playing time, there is 5 minutes of extra time. If there is still no winner, the game goes to a penalty shootout.

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Since 1994, a unicycle field hockey world champion has been played out every two years at the unicycling world championships. Until 2004, the title was always won by a team from Germany. Since 2004, this was mostly achieved by the Swiss unicycle field hockey teams.

In Germany, there is an ongoing league operation. However, there is only one league for all teams throughout Germany. Through various tournaments, teams from all over Germany compete.


The sport is more widespread in Switzerland and Australia. There, unicycle field hockey is much more developed and is gaining more and more sports enthusiasts.

So if you have a soft spot for fast team sports, you should definitely give unicycle field hockey a try. In many larger German cities there is the possibility to test the sport. In addition, many universities offer the chance to test unicycle field hockey as a form of university sport.


Even if you’re unsure, give it a try! Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite hobby of yours.

Source Cover Image: AdobeStock/Augustas Cetkauskas