Training like a real ballerina: This is ballet barre


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Pink tutus and classical music? Forget it! Ballet barre is tough and makes your legs tremble! We introduce you to the trendy sport that is a mixture of cardio and ballet. So get to the bar and let’s go!

Ballet barre is the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. With elements from ballet the strength is trained and a cardio part with exercises like burpees or jumping jacks lets the heart work properly. One hour lasts a unit of ballet barre. The sport proves to be extremely effective and brings these advantages with it:

This is why you should try ballet barre

  • Tight defined legs:

The leg muscles are extremely challenged by components from ballet such as Relevés. The Relevé is a classic ballet exercise in which you stand on your toes. For ballet beginners, however, this can be extremely demanding, because this exercise often accompanies you over the course of an hour. But after just a few units you will notice how your muscles change and become more defined and tighter.

  • Hello, abs!

Due to the many integrated abdominal exercises you will lose stomach fat almost naturally. The long awaited abdominal muscles finally have the opportunity to show themselves. A trained stomach also contributes to a better posture, which is particularly important in ballet barre.

  • More endurance

The already mentioned endurance elements strengthen the cardiovascular system and stimulate the fat metabolism. In addition, the workout is ideal for stress reduction and invites you to give your best. In addition, the immune system is strengthened and well-being increased.

Curious? Then off to the next studio for your first hour of ballet barre – but be careful, you have been warned of aching muscles.

Ballet Barre can also be done quite simply at home! (Source: YouTube / Tanz mit Anna)


Ready for a tough and effective workout? Ballet barre combines ballet exercises with cardio elements and is therefore ideal for strength and endurance training at the same time. The skinny jeans has never fit so fast!

 Source cover image: InStyle