Trail running: The new running trend


Trail running means running essentially everywhere but on the marked footpath. Therefore, you can be on trend and become a trail runner as soon as you jump off your premium-treadmill or the pavement.

Trail running mobilizes your whole body and maximizes the tension on your muscles because of the running diversity. Athletes distinguish between different types of trail running. Depending on the intensity, speed and type of terrain you can, for instance, become a speed runner or an adventure runner.


So-called cross running (from your doorstep to the trail), virtually the most popular form of trail running is suitable for beginners as well as trail experts. It is ideal for an urban athlete who wants to get lost in and aligned with the nature for a short time.

Here you can find the best trail running routes and an overview of current events for a common run.

Your Expert 

Big brands like i.e. Salomon are supporting your training with the perfect equipment. In addition to modern and functional trail wear they also bring innovative staff and apps on the market.


Trail running is definitely one of the major sport and running trends of the season. All beginners should check-out some of the numerous trail running portals for the freshest news and events around the topic.


Source Title Image: Youtube / SalomonTrailRunning