These are the 3 most popular fitness trends of 2019!


IBS Publishing Team

The fitness industry is growing this year! Fitness studios, smartphones, wearables and training equipment continue to network and HIIT remains stubbornly in the top 3. Whether we also lie a lot on the yoga mat in 2019, train with a personal coach or in a group, we reveal the three most important fitness trends that all fitness fans must be aware of in 2019.

1st place: Bodyweight training

Bodyweighttraining is a training with the own body weight. This fitness trend is not without reason one of the three most important trends this year: You don’t need any equipment, just your own muscle power. Thus the intensity can be varied problem-free. The fact that it is now becoming more and more popular could be because it affects everyday movements. It specifically demands many muscle groups – and not isolated ones, such as when training with or on strength machines. The self-weight exercises train entire movement sequences, which has a positive effect on everyday movements. Very effective are deep knee bends with jumps, applied lunge steps, crunches and leg lifts.


Group training is also important: whether online or offline, the community counts! On the one hand, this helps to be comparable with colleagues and, on the other hand, it also ensures fun. In order to motivate each other and exchange tips and tricks, the community is very important. And HIIT can also be done wonderfully in a group!

Fitness tracking devices are as popular as ever.
(Source: Pexels / Oliur Rahman

2nd place: Fitness Gadgets

Fitness gadgets or wearable technology such as sports watches, pedometers, heart rate monitors and much more are also very popular this year. Data exchange and the correct use of data via wearables and smartphones will continue to gain importance in 2019. Significantly more accurate sensors on the body will prevail in the long term. The smartphone will remain an integral part of life, and therefore also of fitness. The fitness gadgets market dominates the fitness trends of 2019.

3rd place: HIIT

High-intensity interval training is still popular. Until 2017, HIIT was still the number one among fitness trends. Now the highly intensive interval training still occupies third place. So it is the long runner among the trends. Depending on the training goal, the load is generated by sprints, weights, push-ups or other forms of training. Active regeneration follows in each case, i.e. relaxed running, loosening of the body or other movements, but the body should not stand still. Fat burning is stimulated to the maximum and progress in endurance performance is already achieved after the first sessions. But why is HIIT still a trend all over the world? The requirement to achieve a maximum result in a short time corresponds to the fast-moving zeitgeist – worldwide and also this year.

Source: YouTube / Group HIIT

In addition, personal training is still in demand. Certified fitness trainers will remain important this year as well. Fitness trainers are becoming more and more important for individual fitness practitioners and should be able to respond to them more and more. The qualification must be right. Many fitness practitioners long for individual support in order to achieve an optimal result.


Fitness is much more than just training. It has become an individual interpretation of quality of life, a culture of society. We want to feel better and more dynamic in our everyday life, that’s why we train. In the USA, people are certain that fitness trackers, smart waiters and other wearables will be the number one fitness trend in 2019. But HIIT and bodyweight training will also accompany us as fitness trends this year. Get into your sports gear and lets go!

Source: Pexels/ Pixabay