The whole outdoor world under one roof: OutDoor by ISPO


Eva Mickler

OutDoor by ISPO

Europe’s largest outdoor trade fair finds its way to Munich for the first time. From 30 June to 3 July 2019 you can discover products from the fields of mountaineering, climbing, bouldering, hiking, camping, water sports, mountain biking, yoga and much more.

But be careful, the name is deceptive! OutDoor by ISPO is not the annual trade fair, but an integrative cross-media platform for outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. 608 exhibitors present their ideas and articles on 19 different areas. Among others, well-known brands such as FJÄLLRÄVEN, Mammut, adidas, BLACKROLL, Dolomite, Scott or Schöffel await us.

An appeal for sustainability

OutDoor by ISPO is a trade fair that unites trade, brands and consumers. Due to the resulting large reach, the founders see this as an optimal opportunity to bring the topic of sustainability closer to people. This is the reason why the event focuses on a climate-positive approach with, for example, block-type thermal power stations. However, it is important not only to recognise the dangers, but also to take an active part in protecting the environment. The task to be fulfilled is to shape and maintain nature in such a way that future generations can admire it as well.

inspiredbysports_outdoor by ispo mountainbike

Perfectly equipped for wind and weather.
Source: unsplash / Stage 7 Photography

The OutDoor by ISPO concept

The outdoor world is an interesting and constantly changing market. Adaptability is in demand here. The organizers are of the opinion that the traditional concept of outdoor is outdated and that more young people should be inspired for this profession. The aim is to turn outdoor sports into a focal point of the industry and to integrate them there. The trade fair is characterised in particular by a contemporary and consumer-oriented understanding of outdoor and wants to bring the outdoor movement closer to the athletes.

For four days you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of outdoor sports and let yourself be inspired. So pack your trekking shoes and off you go to OutDoor by ISPO!

Teaser of the OutDoor by ISPO. Source: YouTube / ISPO


For the first time OutDoor by ISPO comes to Munich. Experience 608 exhibitors on 19 different areas and let yourself be carried away by the outdoor movement. Whether climbing, hiking or water sports, there is something for every sport and age group.

Source cover photo: unsplash/ Maximilian Manavi-Huber