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The wheeled trainer – The miracle device for the cold seasons


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Many people have discovered cycling for themselves due to the Corona pandemic. The stores probably could not profit more and sold more bicycles than they have in a long time. But through the cold winter months, it is difficult and too dangerous for many to continue to use the two-wheeler. To not completely neglect his bike in the shed, the roller trainer is suitable to stay fit at home.

Keeping fit in your own four walls has long been an attractive thought for many. It is not only safer, but also offers the possibility to meet like-minded people through various online courses and thus motivate each other. The roller trainer makes it possible to train with your own bike, in your own four walls. For active and passionate cyclists, the indoor trainer is a valuable training tool. For the training to be efficient, it depends on the thresholds, strength and pedaling efficiency.

What is a roller trainer?

A roller trainer is an indoor training device that serves as an attachment to do a cycling workout indoors without moving from the spot. For this purpose, the athlete uses either his own bike or a stationary bike. The own bicycle is converted into an ergometer by the roller trainer. This is a space-saving and inexpensive variant. In the classic variant, the free roller, the athlete balances with his training device on three rollers. A racing bike is best suited for this, although other models can also be used.


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Types of roller trainers

There are a total of three different models, which also differ from each other in price range.

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The function distinguishes between three models (source:pexels/cottonbro).

In the case of fixed rollers, the models consist of two parts. In the larger part, the rear wheel is clamped and fixed. The smaller front part is kept extremely narrow and non-slip. In the front part the wheel moves, whereas in the rear part the wheel moves, but it does not apply any thrust.


Price: starting at 200€

In the free roller models are equipped with three movable rollers. The rear wheel is located on two rollers that are close together. The front wheel is on the third roller. At the same time it provides a good opportunity to train balance and gives the feeling of cycling outside.


Price range: 300-700€

The wheel-off trainer is the king class of roller trainers. Here, the rear wheel is unclamped and the rear end with the chain mounted on a crane on the roller trainer. Thus, there is a high compatibility with all common gears. The additional built-in motors of the roller trainer reflect all resistances first class and are suitable to imitate mountain stages.


Price: approx 1000€


Both hobby athletes and cycling professionals find their fun with the roller trainer. Due to the different models, everyone can find the right device. Especially in winter months, it offers a suitable alternative to prepare for the upcoming cycling season. The costs are also within reasonable limits and are therefore also attractive for hobby athletes.


If you want to train in a big group with like-minded people, Zwift is the right portal for you.

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