The Rome Lodge

WHERE: xxxxxSchoppernau – Diedamskopf, Bregenzer
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxWald, Austria
WHEN: xxxxxx13.02.-17.03.2016

Exhibitions – it is always the same, well, not always but most of the times. Especially within the action sports industry. The guys from Rome Snowboards at the europe headquarter in Munich were looking for a better, more fun, more effective and innovational way to get the gist out of their clients, riders, and employees.


The result they came up with is absolutly genious: Let´s travel to a sick spot in the austrian alps, rent a sick house and start an own exclusive exhibition for all the partners, clients, sales representatives, distributing shops, riders and employees. The start of future model that might change the snowboarding industry for good. Welcome to the Rome Lodge!

Providing their customer base, partners and sales reps with the latest gear and creating stylish stuff for the upcoming seasons is a difficult task anew every year. Brainstorming with all the essential parts to put together a perfect result for the design of a new board for example can not more productive with the fine foods and schnapps from the area around the lodge.


Summing it up, Rome invites key accounts based in Germany, Austria, France, UK, Norway, Spain, Czech, Poland, the Netherlands. Plus numerous Pro Riders make their appearance to test new products to give the Rome team the best possible input about the new products.


It is really simple but genious: Invite the right people to a sweet location in the alps, provide all the new stuff for the upcoming season and make sure there is plenty of delicious food and drinks.


We can´t wait what´s going to evolve out of this years´ lodge – keep you updated of course throughout the whole time!


“As we see the tradeshow cycle changing, the on snow and intimate nature of The Rome Lodge is a just better way of sharing what we’re all about. If the decision is between standing on cement with people or standing on snowboards with people, we pick standing on snowboards every time.”

– Maximilian Schulz, Rome Europe


Just some of the many features at the lodge:


  • Testing tons of new gear from the upcoming season
  • Brainstorming to create a part of Rome history
  • Networking within the industry
  • Amazing regional food and drinks
  • Not your average aftershow party

The area around the Diedamskopf is filled with awesome opportunities for an off day. If you are not just looking for rides downhill, you will find an amazing funpark right around the corner. Other areas to snowboard are within reach.

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