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The right golf equipment for beginners


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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many athletes like it more and more, but it is not only suitable for advanced players. Even for beginners it is an attractive sport with a lot of variety. But what clubs, balls or shoes do I need? So what golf equipment is right for me?

It is known that golf is not the cheapest sport. The equipment and the course license, up to the membership fee can already be very expensive. But do I as a beginner necessarily need the latest and most expensive equipment?  The choice of golf equipment is huge. Whether sizes, colors, brands or shapes, if you do not know your way around, it can quickly be overwhelming. But what exactly do I need?

Beginner tours

The following applies on the course: 14 clubs per person may be taken on the golf round. A set consists of different clubs that are suitable for different situations (e.g.: first tee shot). There are 3 types of clubs: irons, woods and putters. The woods are explicitly designed for the first shot or for long shots on the course. The irons are suitable for playing to the flag and the putter is used on the green for putting.

Good golf clubs can quickly cost up to 1500€. As a beginner, you need a reliable starter golf set to get used to the sport. Many new golfers first buy half a set of clubs or buy used equipment. If the used set is well maintained, it is often better than getting a brand new cheaper set. It is best to take the opportunity to test in a pro store or retail store before buying. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the best set and not necessarily brand new, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with it and it should be as forgiving as possible.

Tip: It is important to know whether you prefer to play left- or right-handed.

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The right golf balls

Even if you do not believe it, in golf the ball brings many differences. They depend on the skills of the player. Beginners do not need fancy balls, but a golf ball made of 2-components. which has a large core and a cover of solid rubber. This model is perfect for a beginner, as they are the most controllable and fly very far. As a more advanced player, you can then switch to a 3- or 4-piece golf ball. Also, as a beginner, it can happen more often that a ball is lost in high grass or water, so always put more balls in your bag at the beginning.   A good alternative to new balls are so-called “Lakeballs” or remanufactured brand golf balls.

The right golf bag and shoes

Even if you don't believe it, in golf the ball brings many differences. (Source: AdobeStock/freebird7977)

The right golf bag, of course, does not affect the game of golf. But it could be uncomfortable to lug a heavy and uncomfortable bag for several kilometers. It is optimal to choose a golf bag that is light, offers a little storage space for additional equipment and is waterproof or water-repellent. Bags with a built-in stand are also good to start with. These can also be strapped onto a golf cart.

In addition, the right footwear is important.  Since you often walk 6-10 kilometers, shoes with a firm tread and stable footing are suitable. When it comes to the golf course, proper golf shoes are indispensable – they give your feet the traction and comfort you need and comply with the dress code that prevails in most golf clubs.


Even if you’re unsure, give it a try! Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite hobby of yours.

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