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Athletes of all sports count on its power, personal trainers include them as gear in their training – we cannot imagine the sports world without the blackroll. Yet, that rises the question what those blackrolls actually can do and how to use them effectively.

Versatility of the blackroll

What originally started as a tool for SMT (“self myofascial techniques”) of the muscles and fasciae, turned into a functional training gear for athletes, trainers and sport scientists. By mobilizing and regenerating the muscles and fasciae the blackroll can increase the flexibility and thus the strength and power of the muscles with little effort.

Regenerative training

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The original scope of the blackroll is the regenerative training. By aimed usage of the blackroll you can even out strains caused by dysbalanced or unilateral training and reduce typical sport injuries by too hard training.


For that the targeted muscle group is worked on with the blackroll along the fasciae lines to increase the circulation und and reduce the regeneration time. Regular light training with the blackroll and focused motion sequences can cause wonders.

Functional training with the blackroll

For whom the increase of strength by mobilizing and regenerating of the muscles is not enough, the blackroll can be an optimal training partner for the functional training. By the deliberate instability of the roll the difficulty of the exercises is increased. With the combination of strengthening the muscles and keeping the balance and tension the blackroll becomes a versatile training partner. Find useful exercises with the blackroll here.

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By its versatility in usage and the many different products offered by blackroll, the rolls become a perfect training partner. Whether you use the roll for regenerative purposes or want to train functionally with them, there is the ideal blackroll for everyone and every exercise. We are convinced!

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