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The new trend sport Speedriding


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The dream of flying inspires many people. Being as free as a bird is something everyone would love to experience. More and more people are trying to make this dream come true. Lately, one trend in particular has been the center of attention: speedriding.

It sounds like the perfect mixture for every adrenaline junkie: snow, paraglider, ski. This combination of paragliding and skiing is called speedriding. Paragliding has been growing in popularity for some time now. This new trend now combines the feeling of boundless freedom in the air with the speed and exhilaration of skiing, bringing new variety to the sport for the winter months.

Differences paragliding vs. speedriding

Unlike paragliding, speedriding is not yet subject to any regulations or licensing requirements, which makes it easier for individuals to access it. But it is at the same time more dangerous. Good paragliding skills are a definite requirement, as well as a good physical condition. However, both sports differ in the choice of sports equipment. Speedriding gliders are almost half a size smaller and around 50 km/h faster than normal paragliders! In any case, you should take a class in speedriding, if only for insurance reasons. Currently there are only a few providers. Switzerland is the only country where you can get a license.

Speedriding and Speedflying

But what does this new trend sport actually consist of? Basically, it’s quite easy to explain: put on your speedriding chute, strap on your skis and take off. The attraction lies in the speed, in the freedom in the air, but also in the freedom on the ground. Depending on your mood, you can touch down on the ground again during the flight and ski “normally” on the ground before heading back up into the air.


However, make sure that no other skiers or snowboarders are endangered! Therefore, the sport is also prohibited on normal slopes. Only trips / flights on designated slopes and secondary routes are permitted. Be careful on unmaintained slopes and be aware of the danger of avalanches. By the way, speedriding without skis is called speedflying. That’s a variation of the new trend sport. However, you should better let go of the intermediate touchdowns.

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Speedriding offers the ultimate combination of adrenaline rush and freedom. If you are already a fan of paragliding and are not afraid of heights, this sport is the right fit for you. Additionally it guarantees you lots of fun.


This new trend is as you can see not for the faint of heart, but for adrenaline junkies just right. The mix of skiing and paragliding brings something for everyone who stands on height, speed and action.

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