The new sports action for your special weekend in Munich


IBS Publishing Team

What remains only a dream for many, can now finally come true for you. Flying, with nothing more than your body. Experience the feeling of freedom and look forward to an exciting weekend in the wind tunnel of the FlyStation Munich.

Imagine if it’s Thursday and a long week is already behind you. The weekend is getting closer and closer and you really want to experience something new in Munich. For all those who are not up for boredom, there is now the ideal sports action in Munich: Take off in the FlyStation Munich. What could be more fun than the feeling of flying? Turn your weekend into an adventure!

Fly like a bird

The indoor skydiving in the FlyStation Munich offers everyone who is looking for a new and unforgettable experience the chance to feel like a real skydiver. Without a plane and jumping from a daredevil height, you can experience the feeling of flying. With a height of 20 metres, a diameter of 4.5 metres and a wind speed of over 300 km/h, the wind tunnel in the FlyStation Munich is a hotspot for the adventurous. A flight in the wind tunnel is like a parachute jump from around 5,000 metres.

Who can fly?

In principle, almost anyone can fly in the Flystation Munich. After a short briefing of the instructors, beginners can get in and take off without any previous knowledge. Kids are welcome from the age of 4. However, pilots under the age of 18 require a signed permit from their parents or legal guardians. For all those who do not exceed the maximum weight of 120 kg and are generally in good health, nothing stands in the way of flying pleasure. The flight packages are specially designed for adults, children, families and groups, as well as proflyers. This guarantees that everyone will find the right offer for themselves.

And this is how it works

Individual flight minutes are booked in each case. Just one minute in the wind tunnel is like a parachute jump from 5,000 meters. The starter package for adults and children starts at two flight minutes and is divided into two flights of one minute each. This gives you the ideal introduction to bodyflying and allows you to discover the sensation of a free fall for yourself. If you want to take off with the whole family or a larger group, you can choose a Family Pack between 20 and 30 flight minutes. The minutes can then be divided between two and up to 15 people. The FlyStation Munich not only offers an absolutely unforgettable experience for individual adventurers, but also companies or group visits, such as birthdays, are very welcome. Once you have really taken off and would like to become a professional yourself, FlyStation Munich also offers individual or team training.


This makes the wind tunnel in the FlyStation Munich worth a visit for adventurers and families. Also for company events, parties or group visits the FlyStation offers a unique location for unforgettable moments. The guaranteed fun for everyone with addiction factor!


Every beginner is accompanied by an experienced instructor, who not only shows you how to move in the wind tunnel, but also secures you if you really get into a turbulence in the airstream. Before you start, you will get a short briefing from an experienced instructor and will be optimally prepared for your first flight experience. After the briefing you will be provided with the necessary flight equipment (flight suit, helmet, earplugs and glasses) and shown how to move in the wind tunnel during a demonstration flight. Then you can start already. The adventure begins with the first step into the wind stream. After your flight manoeuvres you will receive a personal diploma from the FlyStation Munich.

Your unique weekend experience

The FlyStation Munich is located in the industrial park Römerweg near Neufahrn and can be reached by car in only a few minutes from the centre of Munich. Also for all those who travel in Munich by public transport, the journey to the FlyStation is easy and in a short time possible. So if you want to turn your weekend into an experience that will certainly be talked about for a long time to come, you can get the ultimate mix of adrenaline and lots of fun at the FlyStation Munich on Saturday from 09:00 – 23:00 and on Sunday from 09:00 – 22:00.

Watch and marvel

Even if you don’t dare to have the adventure immediately, you are of course welcome to drop by at any time and watch your friends and family fight in the wind tunnel. The pleasant atmosphere in the FlyStation Munich offers a lot of possibilities to relax and watch the first flight attempts of the others. In addition to a great selection of drinks and snacks, the spectacular manoeuvres of the proflyers bring the action in the windpipe close to the audience. So you can watch the breathtaking formations of the experienced professionals, even with safe ground under your feet, and let yourself be inspired. Who knows, maybe this will tempt some of you to try it yourself.

Take off!

Some things you just can’t tell, you have to experience them yourself. The unique feeling of flying is definitely part of it. So what are you waiting for? Turn your weekend into something very special and really take off with the FlyStation Munich!

Source Cover Image: FlyStation Munich