The new InspiredBySports ski goggle protection by SOGGLE


Bernhard Liebl

The ultimate ski goggle protection from SOGGLE is now also available with the InspiredBySports logo.

When the snow covers the mountains and the sun crawls out behind the clouds, skiers and snowboarders are on the slopes. The equipment can then be removed from the cellar, dedusted and loaded into the car. But in order not to damage the expensive ski goggles on the way to the ski area, our partner Soggle has come up with something.

Who is SOGGLE?

Melanie Kaindl and Claudia Müller-Wörle started the start-up SOGGLE as passionate winter athletes. The product of the same name serves to protect the important ski goggles. It is a small protective cloth made of soft microfibre, which can be pulled over the glasses with one hand thanks to an elastic band. In addition to protecting against scratches, the multifunctional SOGGLE can also be used as a cleaning cloth for perfect visibility on the piste.

It comes in many stylish designs, including our InspiredbySports-Design.

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Choose your SOGGLE from 50 designs that are an eye-catcher in any ski resort!