The new Furoshiki The Wrapping Sole “Oslo” by Vibram

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At this year’s ISPO (28.-31.01.2018) in Munich, the world leader in high-performance soles Vibram® introduces its new FUROSHIKI The wrapping sole “Oslo”: an extraordinary wrap shoe for cold winter days.

An extraordinary shoe

The inspiration for this was the active lifestyle of the Norwegians. To keep up with this, Vibram® is introducing two new features of its shoes at the ISPO in Munich this year. On the one hand the optimization of the sole with the Arctic Grip technology, which will now provide even better grip on ice. And on the other hand, the upper is now completely waterproof.


Quelle: YouTube / Marc Metzler

Wrapped through the winter

With the FUROSHIKI model “Oslo” Vibram® continues its multi-ethnic journey through the world. The characteristics of the individual countries are reflected in the materials and patterns of the shoes. The winter collection is geared towards regions with cool temperatures that make warm footwear necessary. The Vibram® FUROSHIKI The Wrapping Sole “Oslo” complements the previous winter collection with models inspired by New York, Finland, Russia or Scotland.

The name of the concept comes from the traditional Japanese art form “furoshiki”. It describes the gallant way of wrapping and carrying a variety of things with a piece of cloth. Like the paper around a gift, the shoe can be easily and precisely wrapped around the foot. This allows individual adaptation and maximum comfort.

Source: YouTube / Vibram®


So take the shoes and go in the snow!

Source: YouTube / Vibram