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Whether in the mud, in the water or on land: Overcoming obstacles alone or together offers pure thrills and a lot of fun. Obstacle courses are more popular than ever before, because more and more athletes want to reach the limits of their athletic performance! That’s why countless event series have been created in recent years. We have put together the three most popular obstacle courses for you; full physical effort is guaranteed!


Since 2014 numerous teams can overcome together the 15-35 obstacles under the slogan “One team, one goal”. The event used to be known under the name krass fit. Today, the participants of the Xletix can choose between the three difficulty levels S, M and L. The Xletix is a team event with a lot of fun. Currently, five races are scheduled in Germany and one in Austria for the period from May to September.



  • S-distance (6+ km, 15+ obstacles)
  • M-distance (12+ km, 25+ obstacles)
  • L-distance (18+ km, 35+ obstacles)


The athletes can start in three starting categories. The Classic participants work together as a team and their time is not stopped. Those who participate in the Icebug race, on the other hand, only have one attempt per obstacle and run with timing.  In the Icebug Elite category, participants have the chance to qualify for the World Obstacle Course Championships! But beware, the rules of the World Championships are not without them! As a small special feature, participants who participate several times reach a legendary status and of course all finishers can refresh themselves at the finish with two beers.


In obstacle courses, the ability to work in a team is always required. (Source: Pexels /

Tough Mudder

At this event the team spirit is in the foreground! The organizers attach great importance to the fact that the Tough Mudder is not a race, but a pure team event. In 2016, 34,000 sports enthusiasts took part, divided into three races. The trademark of the race: mud basin!

If the participants don’t manage to prove their stamina and their team spirit, they take a bath in the mud pool!



  • Shortest distance: 5km
  • Normal distance: 16-18km with more than 20 obstacles


Participants will not run under timekeeping unless they choose the competition series. There is even prize money waiting for the winning team! In Germany, many Tough Mudder events await us every year in the period from June to December. Anyone who has participated in the events several times will be recognised as a legionnaire and have the opportunity to try out new obstacles or even leave out obstacles.


Since the first Strongmanrun in Münster in 2007, the series has become so popular that it now also takes place in the Netherlands, France and South Africa. In 2018, 13,000 runners demonstrated their skills in Germany. The individual times of the runners and the teams are measured, whereby a team must consist of more than three people. This year the race will take place twice in Germany, once in Austria and once in Switzerland.



  • 10km with about 15 obstacles, the course will be run twice
  • In Cologne there is an additional 6km long Fun Run


Have you ever felt the urge for an obstacle course? Then quickly drum up your team and secure one of the coveted starting places!

The aftermovie of the Tough Mudder 2018 in North Rhine-Westphalia. (Source: YouTube / Tough Mudder)


Obstacle courses are more popular than ever before! More and more athletes want to reach the limits of their athletic performance in mud, water or on land! That’s why countless event series have been created in recent years. Full physical commitment and the ability to work in a team are required!

Source cover image: Unsplash / Josh Calabrese