The most important snowboard trends for 2018

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IBS Publishing Team

Every year again … Finally it’s time again! The temperatures are approaching the ideal snow point and the boards are ready to go. The snowboard season can start! Find out all about the snowboard trends in 2017/2018 in this post.

1. Clothes

The new collections were presented at ISPO in Munich. It quickly became clear: The time of the flashy neon colors and prints is over. The new trends are: sustainable materials in natural, earthy and muted colors. For some companies, the goal in 2020 will be to get their new collection PFC-free in order to keep their environmental footprint as low as possible.


Source: YouTube / True 4K – the best quality on YouTube

2. Shapes

Different shapes for the ultimate snowboard feeling are announced. The snowboard designers are now increasingly devoted to the shapes of the boards. Everything is more about enjoyment and the ultimate driving experience. Snowboarding is currently experiencing a very exciting revival, with an emphasis on carving, fun, playful shapes, shorter boards and deepsnowboards.

3. Brands

New brands are competing with the biggest snowboard brands with the best insider knowledge and a high degree of credibility. It’s worth to think outside the box and try the new brands.


Long live snowboarding! Now let’s take our Snowboard clothing on and off the boards. Let’s break all records this winter and rock the mountains!