The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Watch


IBS Publishing Team

With the Forerunner 645 Music Runner, Garmin presents a versatile GPS runner with integrated music function for the first time. We have tested the watch and found out how it performs.

Discreet and exclusive: the design

Many have waited for a long time and now Garmin finally released a fitness smart watch. The Forerunner 645 Music is the first Garmin watch to transmit music and play it via Bluetooth headphones. And the design also looks great: The result is technically appealing and above all practical. At the same time, the designers have opted for pure understatement. The watch, which you can buy for 450 euros, is both pleasantly unobtrusive and outstanding. It is light, timeless and elegant – a real eye catcher on your wrist! The display is bright enough even in poor lighting conditions.

Source: YouTube / FitnessBox

GPS smart watch

It’s incredible what kind of technology Garmin has built into this small case. It even includes a barometric altimeter – a feature originally only used in triathlon watches. The watch also measures the heart rate directly on the wrist: No more wearing a chest strap that is too tight or too wide. Great!

Features at a glance:


Time with additional information: The design of the digital watch can be adapted to your own wishes.
Heart rate without chest belt: The watch displays the current heart rate and the course of the last 4 hours.
Training condition / VO²max: The user receives information on the current training condition and the current maximum oxygen intake in the blood.
Recovery time: How long should you give up before you think about sports again? The clock states it!
Pedometer: The Garmin Forereunner counts the steps taken per day.
Run forecast: The GPS clock shows the approximate finish times for a 5 km and a 10 km run as well as for a half marathon and marathon.
E-mails, text messages and further information are displayed.

Source: YouTube / FitnessBox


Music on your wrist? Brilliant! Within a few minutes you can download all of your favourite songs – the watch can store a total of 10 albums. Many of you will probably be interested in the battery’s life – we have good news. If the GPS is activated, the battery lasts for approx. 1-2 days. We say: Thumbs up!

Source title image: YouTube / FitnessBox