The endless wave – the new wavepool in Berlin


IBS Publishing Team


Surf lovers watch out! In just a few weeks the Wellenwerk will open the first artificial surf wave in Berlin. The Jochen Schweizer Arena is facing serious competition as the new wave pool is to be two metres wider and has an even more powerful water flow. Find out everything about the new wavepool here and secure your tickets right away.

Every surfer’s nightmare? To live in the city centre, where you have no possibility to surf! This is now history. Because Wellenwerk enables all Landlocked surfers to finally pursue their passion in the capital.

What awaits us at Wellenwerk Berlin?

Pure fun and the unique body feeling while surfing! Surfing will be possible all year round and in all weather conditions. Every water sports enthusiast, from beginner to professional, can try their luck at mastering the wave, which can be up to 1.60 metres high. Depending on the performance level, the wave height and the flow rate can of course be changed and adapted to individual needs. A surf session lasts 60 minutes and is therefore longer than in the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich. Surf courses can be booked on site or you are adventurous and immediately dive into the tides on your own. But of course the safety of the surfers is always taken care of.

inspiredbysports_wavepool berlin

That’s what the indoor surfing area will look like. (Source: Wellenwerk)

And after the surfing session?

After surfing, guests can recharge their batteries in the restaurant “Rosa Lisbert” or get a drink in the cocktail bar “Velvet”. In the summer months there will also be a beer garden where you can relax and enjoy the sun after surfing. Various cinema evenings, concerts and events are also planned to round off the evening in the best possible way. There will also be a surf shop in the building where surfers can buy sustainable, ecological and recycled products. Last but not least, a motorcycle factory will be located in the adjacent building in cooperation with the brand “Malamadre Motorcycles”.

The official trailer of Wellenwerk. (Source: YouTube / Wellenwerk – Surfen in Berlin)



Finally landlocked surfers can pursue their passion in Berlin as well. The long-awaited indoor surfing wave will soon open its doors in Berlin and promises a pure surfing experience! Get your wetsuits ready and be prepared for authentic surfing in the capital.

Source cover image: Wellenwerk