Tarifa: Kitesurfing at the most southern point of europe


Tarifa is the most southern point on the european continent and one of the most impressing kite spots in europe. At this point the atlantic and the Mediterranean sea come together, it’s amazing!

The sand beaches around Tarifa offer a lot of space for kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP. It’s good to know that the wind in tarifa comes from two directions. The onshore wind “Poniente” brings high waves, whereas the offshore wind “Levante” cares for super flat water. A good time to plan a trip to Tarifa is in May and June, there you have much space at the beach and the city is not so crowded.  


Geli Beierlein


Very cool and windy spot! But not suitable for kite beginners because of the hugh waves. June is the best time to go there. In July and August is high season – then hunderts of kiters are present.


Basically you can fly to Malaga or Jerez de la Fonterra. From there on I recommend to rent a car for your trip. Without a car it’s very hard to come around in Tarifa. I already went by bus from the airport (Malaga) to Tarifa, but the bus is just driving 3 times a day between these two locations and with a lot of equipment it’s not very comfortable.


Tarifa offers a lot of very nice hostels. I prefere accommodations in the center of Tarifa so the way to Tarifa’s cute bars and restaurants is very short. There’s almost no taxi driving at night!


The historic city offers a hugh diversity of cool bars where they party all night long. The range of delicous cocktails is fantastic. You definitly need a car when you travel to Tarifa, the kite spots are usually only available by car. If there’s no wind check out some nearby cities: Gibraltar, Sevilla, Cadiz,…just to some some of them.

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