Amazing Places to Surf in Germany

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When we think of surfing, we often think of a holiday far away. But if you want to enjoy a ride on the waves, your don’t necessarily have to travel miles and miles. There are plenty of amazing surf beaches in Germany!

Beautiful Beaches in Germany

Long sandy beaches, the calming rushing of the waves – Germany has several beautiful places in store where surfers can absolutely enjoy their rides in the waves.

We checked out some of Germany’s amazing beaches and have found three stunning beaches which make you never want to leave Germany for surfing again.


Source: Unsplash / Henriette Welz


The beach on the isle of Amrum is part of the Nationalpark of Schleswig-Holstein’s Wattenmeer. Its beaches are often compared to Caribbean beaches with its fine and white sand, which invites you to take long walks on the beach. With its ideal conditions for surfing, Amrum hosts many surfers every year. The secret highlight is probably the island feeling you get on Amrum.


Sankt Peter-Ording is the German paradise of surfing. The long beach and the windy conditions invite especially kite surfers to rush into the waves. Kite and normal surfers gather at the beaches of Sankt Peter-Ording to either go for a quick ride on the waves or to spend hours and hours enjoying the amazing beach. Even if you are tired of surfing, Sankt Peter-Ording offers breathtaking tracks for long walks and relaxation.


The Warnemünder beach is very family friendly and invites all surf enthusiastic families to come there. The water is quite leveled at first, which makes it easy for young kids to swim there. With the windy conditions, the beach offers kite surfers a nice get-away from the stressful everyday life. All in all, the Warnemünder beach is a perfect destination for everyone.



Whether you choose the North Sea or the Baltic Sea for your surf vacation – it’s up to you. All three places offer amazing activities for surfers and non-surfers.


This article is partially based on an article by EasyVoyage.

Source Title Image: Unsplash / Michael Hacker