Surfer watch out: Stade presents the first Wavegarden in Germany


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Finally the time has come – the first Wavegarden in Germany is to be built in Stade. What is a Wavegarden? – A surfer’s paradise for all water sports enthusiasts! Artificially generated waves guarantee best surf conditions in a beautiful ambience. A paradisiacal surfing experience, right on your doorstep – and that in Germany.

The surf park in Stade is to be built just one hour from Hamburg and offers every surf lover the opportunity to pursue his hobby – without having to travel far abroad.


Recently, the regional policy gave its “GO” for the surf park. From March to December the water sports project expects 500 visitors and 90 surfers daily. The surfer’s paradise will be built by no less than the wave pool provider Wavegarden. The construction project will be crowned with an adjoining leisure area, which offers plenty of opportunities to relax, spend the night and feast. In addition, a surf school and a surf shop as well as various restaurants and cafés guarantee a lot of fun and exchange possibilities all around surfing.


Source: Wavegarden

Opening & Arrival

However, surf fans will have to be patient a little longer. The opening is not planned before spring 2022. The location Stade was chosen because of the favourable traffic connection with the S-Bahn to Hamburg. The former BMW area now boasts a sporty surf park where the athletes are taken directly to the wave park by a “surfer shuttle”.

The Surfers Paradise by Wavegarden

The modern surf facility is controlled by a specially developed software and offers a unique concept. The system generates 1000 waves per hour with the help of a ramp, also known as a foil. The size of the waves and the associated surfing time can be individually regulated.


Experience the ultimate surfing experience on a wave ride up to 80 metres long.

Wavegarden Cove. Source: YouTube / WavegardenCove



Project manager Dr. Jan Podbielsk, consultant for investors of large offshore wind farms, is an enthusiastic surfer and fulfils his personal dream with this Wavegarden. Since the water sports offer in the region of Northern Germany currently looks rather slim, the new Wavegarden could become the place to be for surf lovers and water sports fans. With a bit of luck, Germany’s surfers will be just as enthusiastic about the idea, and we’ll soon have more surf parks all over Germany. We are curious how the Wavgarden will be accepted in Stade.

This post is based on an article by surfersmag.
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