Strength lies in peace – methods for regeneration


IBS Publishing Team


Doing sports every single day of the week is not only exhausting, but also not helpful when it comes to maximizing your success. From time to time our bodies need a break to regenerate and to adapt to the exercise load. Here are a few methods which support the regenerative process.

Rest periods increase performance

A lot of athletes neglect regeneration, although breaks are essential for a healthy body. Subsequent to a hard training, your body adapts itself to the physical stress: The number of mitochondria and the efficiency of the enzymes increase, the heart muscle grows, the glycogen reserves are replenished and the resting pulse lowers. Those effects will only be obtained by a mix of hard training and rest periods. We introduce you to a few methods to accelerate the regeneration phase.

Source: Unsplash/ David Mao 

A sufficient amount of sleep

Because the distribution of the stress hormone cortisol weakens the immune system, a reduction of stress contributes to relaxation on a hormonal level. Power naps, a few hours on your couch or compensatory sports like yoga will have a positive effect.

While sleeping, the hormones somatropin and testosterone are released which make a significant contribution to the regenerative process. Most important for recovery is the deep sleep phase. It’s recommended to sleep for at least seven hours and to maintain a consistent sleeping rhythm.

Ice baths

Since the german soccer player Per Mertesacker talked about wanting to spend three days in an ice bath after a match, we know about this kind of regenerative method. 15 minutes in cold water are sufficient to cool down the stressed musculature and to stimulate blood flow. That helps to discharge waste products in the body and thereby shortens the regeneration time. As an unwanted side effect, the process of adjustment and the training effect may be determined.

Massages and training with a black roll

Techniques of sport massages like kneading, beating, pressing and beating can be quite painful but help to loosen up the muscles. Exercises with the black roll serve the same purpose and stimulate the blood circulation, relieve tensions and decrease muscles and joints fatigue.


Taking a break – for a lot of athletes that’s not as easy as it sounds. Nevertheless, time to relax is not only good for your body and soul, but will also benefit your training performance.

 Source of title image: Unsplash / Drew Coffman