5 Tipps: How to stay fit in your everyday life.

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Elevator, car, coffee? There’s a different way: With our 5 simple tipps you can keep yourself fit along the way. 


It doesn’t always have to be the gym or a freeletics-group. If you use your workaday life consciously, everyday things can help you stay fit.
Especially in the city you’re usually faster walking or rinding your bike then going on public transportation. You reach your destination on time and also add onto your personal fitness.

What do you need for that? First of all you need a plan and the required discipline.


  1. The elevator is a no-no! Climbing stairs trains the legs and your endurance.
  2. Try to walk short ways instead of going by car. Fresh air simultaneously clears your head.
  3. Even while cleaning you can work out. Do you vacuuming- or cleaning moves as fast as possible (yes, you can burn calories doing that).
  4. The right diet counts to your fitness. It pays off going the extra mile to the organic-shop then taking the short way to the junk-food-reservoir.
  5. Fifa&Co. amuse for hours. Online shopping is also more convenient. But go out into the real world. At least the same amount of fun awaits you and you exercise.


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IBS Publisher

With a little discipline you can arrange your daily life a lot more sporty.


You’re out of breath just walking up to the third story of a building and the sofa is the center of your life.


After two weeks you already realize, that you’re more agile and your daily life is a smaller struggle. Adding a little bit of real exercise will multiply this effect.


The most important thing is: Hang in there until you automate these little changes.

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