Porsche Design Elan Amphibio – a ski in a class of its own


IBS Publishing Team

It’ s the second time Porsche Design and Elan have worked together. The result is the Porsche Design Elan Amphibio – an all-mountain ski aimed primarily at demanding skiers. The companies combine sporty, elegant design with high performance.

In their press release, Porsche itself emphasises the technical details of the all-mountain ski. These highlight above all the use of materials. Specifically, they use structural materials over the entire length and on the inner edges. This gives the skier more stability and the curves are more precise.

Technical details:


  • The ski is equipped with a Fusion X binding system. This is lighter than its predecessors and allows a better flex between ski and binding. This ensures improved results in turn initiation and power transmission.
  • A carbon plate under the binding provides additional performance.
  • The RST sidecar improves the transmission of power and energy by the skier to the edge.
  • Edge control is improved by two titanium layers for progressive flex.
  • A laminated wood core ensures optimum adjustment with sufficient safety in different conditions.


More information about the technical details can be found here.

The model stands out clearly from the snow due to its strong contrast. (Source: Porsche Designs)

The ski behaves like a racing ski, but according to Porsche and Elan it is much easier to use.


Another aspect that needs to be clarified is the thing with the name. “Amphibio” presents the nature of the ski in one word. It not only adapts to existing slope conditions, but also provides stability. Furthermore, it can also be used off-piste.


The ski is part of the Elan Black Edition. It represents one of four models and is available in the sizes 160cm, 166cm, 172cm and 178cm.

Image source: Porsche Design