Simple and helpful fitness tips


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You want to train more effectively and healthier? Become fitter and lose weight? We’ll show you helpful and simple tips on how to overcome one’s weaker self and reach your goals more effectively!

1. More motivation with a fitness buddy

The most difficult thing is often to motivate yourself for sport. Not for nothing there are already numerous apps for it. But it’s actually quite easy: Train with a partner! Grab a training buddy with whom you can exercise regularly. It is best to define training days and times, so that your exercise is regulated in the weekly planning and becomes a must-attend date. Because without regular training, muscles that are not strained atrophy. So no spontaneous excuses and cancellations! And even if your own motivation goes down the drain in the gym, you have someone to push and encourage you again.


Fitness Exercise. Source Youtube/ BodyKiss

2. Correct Execution

All well and good. But in addition to endurance and strength, technique also plays a important role – because with the right technique, every workout is easier and your risk of injury is reduced! If you don’t know how to use the equipment correctly or how to do the exercises correctly, you can ask for help in any studio. Better to ask five times than to get yourself a strain or something similar!

3. The right training plan is important

There are countless reasons why people do sports. Some do it for a better figure, some for health. But to reach your goal effectively you also need the right training plan. People who want to lose weight should first do endurance training and then strength training. Because those who go to their limits at the beginning of their strength training will acidify their muscles. In order to get the metabolism going, a cardio interval training is often recommended. For proper fat burning, the treadmill or stepper should be used for 20 minutes after strength training so that the body can fall back on its fat reserves.

4. Fitness is not only training

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to reduce body fat and build muscles in the long term. For example, a lot of protein should be on the diet. While proteins are very important for muscle building, it is also an important source of energy for weight loss. In contrast to carbohydrates, excess protein is not stored in the body as fat, but simply burnt by the body. Who would like to bring a few pounds less on the balance, should also do without a snack directly before the training, because otherwise the organism does not fall back on its own fat reserves, but first consumes the energy of the snack.

More effective training. Source: YouTube / BodyKiss

Not only the nutrition can be improved, but also the training. For better performance and more effective training, check out this video for more helpful tips!


If you want to achieve your sporting goals effectively, you should pay attention to a few points, such as the right diet or technique!

More effective training. Source: YouTube / BodyKiss

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