Pick your Rider: Felix Georgii


Have you met Felix Georgii yet? Well, it´s about time! As a former snowboarding pro, he is now rocking on the wakeboard and a member of the Red Bull team. The boardsport talent is definitely here to stay.

Felix motto could be described in a really simple sentence: No matter if he is riding on snow or water, there has to be a board beneath his feet.


As a former Snowboard Pro, the German talent seeks every new opportunity to be on a board. He started snowboarding in his hometown, because the piste was just literally within a spitting distance of his place – perfect conditions to go on and become a successful snowboarder. His love for the sport remains, but after a while Felix was looking to achieve bigger goals in another boardsport: wakeboarding.


He is now reppin´ numerous sports companies, including Red Bull. To check out Felix amazing skill set on the wakeboard just watch the clip below and check out his expert profile right here on inspiredbysports.com.

IBS Publisher

And if you don´t know, now you know!

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